Google Summer of Code with GNOME


This summer I , under the mentorship of Thibault Saunier, will be working on adding scaled proxies to Pitivi. While Pitivi already provides its users the option to use Optimized Media (aka HQ Proxies) for problematic file formats, having scaled proxies would allow them to transcode their high resolution video assets to a more manageable resolution at the time of editing which would make both editing and previewing much quicker.

Some of the other editors allow users to attach externally transcoded assets as proxies, this approach is flexible but not very user friendly. Pitivi, a bit like Final Cut Pro, provides a single unified experience where user can create and manage proxies right there in the application itself.

My project aims to integrate scaled proxies within Pitivi’s current framework for creating proxies and making sure that they are adaptable yet remain easy to use. You can find in #pitivi and #newcommers on GIMPNet as yat_irc or look at (most of) my work on this issue.